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ALLSTAR-100 >> Specifications >>
The most attractive feature of the ALLSTAR-100 is that it out-performs machines nearly twice the price. Truly the best buy you've seen in a long time.The ALLSTAR-100 is ideal for RECUTS, SAMPLE ROOMS, TAILORS and CUSTOM DRAPERY shops. This remarkable mini cutter offers a combination of the best features available on the more expensive machines. High torque motor (cuts the heaviest goods with ease)
Squeeze type switch, incorporated into comfortable grip.
Built in "Push button" sharpener. Hexagonal blade rotates against counter blade with scissor action strokes.
Cut intricate curves without a snag. Includes: EXTRA SET OF BRUSHES, REPLACEMENT BLADE, and SPARE COUPLING
DRJ - A200 >> Specifications >>
It is suitable for cutting fiber cotton and sponge. It is an indespinsible tool for fiber cotton and sponge production. It can cut high temperature and easily fusible materials without noise and with low electric consumption by using stepless temperature of the electric heat. Measurement - 1060x365x270mm
Motor 650mm
Weight 13/16kg
Volts - 220
CZD-108 >> Specifications >>
CZD-108 >> This machine can be exchanged with KM(KS-EU) model. It is available to cutting materials such as cotton, woolens, linen, silk, chemical fiber, leather, etc. Having features of lower noice, automatic sharpening, flexible and steady operation, it is a necessary equipment of garments industry. Model CZD-108
Power 250W
Voltage 110V/220V Dual Voltage
Cycles 50/60 Hz
Weight 9kg
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