AfsewCutting Products
Jeans Machine >> Specifications >>
Heavy-duty cutter for denim, canvas and other tough fabrics. Available with a 1.85 HP motor - the strongest in the industry. A lubricating oiler is also standard.  
Dual Speed >> Specifications >>
It's like having two machines in one. The Dual Speed Pacer lets the operator switch from full speed for cutting natural fibers to half speed for fusible materials and cutting in corners  
Pacer JR >> Specifications >>
A lighter, more compact straight knife to handle lower lays and/or lighter weight fabrics. The Pacer Jr.'s design features are the same as the Pacer 100, but is 12 lbs. (5.4 kg) lighter.  
Super Tall >> Specifications >>
Get the greatest cutting capacity in a perfectly balanced machine.  
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