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Pacer '100' >> Specifications >>
The most advanced straight knife on the market today. Lighter and better handling with all the power of a Wolf. Your choice of sharpeners and blades for every kind of fabric and lay height.  
All-new Pacer '100' >> Specifications >>
All-new Pacer'100' Now the world's best built straight knife is also the world's best handling straight knife. The entire Pacer line-up is up to 20% lighter and balanced to perfection, so they're faster and more responsive. Easiest, lowest cost maintenance 40% fewer parts and an amazing 1300% faster maintenance access means you get less costly maintenance and more productivity. Exclusive shearing action Patented Kleen-Kut inserts assure smooth and easy shearing action through every layer of fabric, even in the highest lays. Bottom layers are cut clean, not beaten down. New sharpening systems Now you can choose from three automatic sharpening systems-auto-adjust stone, manual adjust stone and abrasive belt. All Wolf sharpening systems sharpen the entire blade, including the bottom, with a uniform bevel. Blades for evey need Choose from 5" to 14" in carbon steel, high speed steel or Teflon* coated. Plus Duro, wave and notched blades in every size. *Dupont Registered Trademark  
Kaixuan CZD-777 >> Specifications
• Automatic Grind Cutting Machine
Automatic and convenient in grinding, quick in cutting and bib power. It is suitable for cutting fabric of cotton, wool, linen and leather, etc. In batches.

Having the features of large power cutting and automatic grinding with emery belt.
• Model: CZD 777
• Standard: 6" 8" 10" 12" 13"
• Speed: 2850 (R/min)
• Kg: 17/20 (kg)
• Oil: #18
• Motor: 1000W
• Packing size: 760X410X320 (mm)
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