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Your creative style reflects the many facets of your personality.You have a serious side that wants precision sewing.You have a creative side that loves to explore all the possibilities of embroidery design.And you have a practical side that doesn't want to waste time setting-up a complicated embroidery attachment. Fortunately for you, the Memory Craft 9700 was designed to bring together all the best features in one machine.You get the precision stitching Janome is known for, easy navigation and design layout on a colour touchsreen, and the built-in, two-step conversion from sewing to embroidery you can't get from any other brand.
Janome Decor Excell ll 5024 >>
Convenient One-Hand Thread Cutter Since threads are cut neatly and held by the cutter, you can easily start sewing again without the trouble of tangled threads or an unthreaded needle. Build-In Needle Threader Makes needle threading a cinch and there's no strain on your eyes. Quick Foot Conversion Just lower the lifter and a sewing foot snaps unto place. Removal is just as easy - one quick touch of a button.
Janome Model L-372 >>

Zigzag Stitch, Straight Stitch, Rick-Rack Stretch Stitch, Triple Strengh Stitch, Buttonhole Stitch
B. Multiple Zigzag Stitch, Feather Stitch
C. Elastic Blind Hem Stitch, Overcast Stretch Stitch
D. Shell Stitch, Knit Stitch
E. Scallop Stitch
F. Checker Board Stitch
G. Lozenges Stitch
H. Bead Stitch
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