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Sew Simple features:
Nine neck and body adjusters
Pin Hem marker or hem guide option
Useful pin cushion
Full shoulders ensure sleeves hang correctly
Auto set adjustment
Body can be fixed for pinning or in rotating position for e.g hem marking
Easy to assemble
Tripod stand for easy storage
Fabric covered body for easy pinning/marking
Light in weight and easily portable
Stand adjusts to allow for various shoulder heights.
Males Measurments >> Specifications
The fully adjustable male form makes sewing for men so much easier. the body is in 8 sections and includes an easy to use waist lengthening mechanism
12 automatic adjusting wheels
Variable back length
8-Section body
Folding tripod stand
Pin Cushion

Chest 37"- 45" / 94 - 114cm
Waist 32" - 40" / 82 - 101cm
Hips 39" - 47" / 99 - 119cm
Neck 14.5" + / 37cm +
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