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GK15- 1A >> Specifications
For bag closing alll kinds of paper, cotton, PP/PE, hessian, jute, etc Max sewing spped - 2600 - 2800 r.p.m
High speed obtained with low vibration
Designed to have long-range smooth performance with low vibration
Self lubrication system
Easily adaptable to existing equipment
Portable Bag Closer: High-speed New Type with plastic handle and lubricator

Single Thread Chain Stitch
high speed revolution 1,700-1,900 r.p.m
Safety plastic handle for insulation.
Oil pump lubrication system
Improved looper and simple mechanism
Steel cam - long life (no plastic cams)
Minimum maintenance
For kraft paper, cotton, hessian, jute, pp/pe woven cloth and other bag materials.
Presser foot lifter
Ideal for closing bags for agricultural products, animal feeds, fertilizer, flour chemicals, etc
Robust construction and safety design
Trouble-free continous operation.
Revolution: 1,700 +200
Stitch Length: 8.5mm (3 per inch) fixed
Needle: DNx1 = 25
Weight: 6.0Kg with thread
Drive motor: 90W 50/60Hz. 1-ph. 220v
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