AfsewIndustrial Products
Super High Speed Interlock Machines
Kansai- W-8103F>>
This flatbed machine is ideal for assembly work particularly when a cover stitch is preferable. The top cover thread lends a more attractive appearance to the seam. A differential mechanasim is also featured..
This machine is suitable for inserting and attaching elastic on sportswear and swimming wear, etc. The RP device makes elastic sewing smoothly Measurements - 640x410x610
Speed - 4000
Height of pressure foot- 1.4-3.6
Needle gauge - 1"
Needle - #11-#14
No of threads - 8
No of needles - 4
Kaixuan KX-500-02BB >>
Suitable for binding tape on T-shirt and undergarment. It is with special feed dog and pressure foot for binding. folder does not go with the machine.
• Model KX- 500-02BB • Needle Guage 3.2/4.0/4.8/5.6/6.4
• No. of threads 5 • Stitch Length 1.2-4.0
• Needle UY 128 GAS -#11 • Differential Ratio 1:0.5-1:1.3
• Speed 6000 • Presser Lift Height 5mm
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