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The MERROW 70-D3B-2 Butted Seam Sewing Machine for HIGH PILE MATERIAL

The Merrow 70-D3B-2_HP industrial sewing machine produces a single-thread butted seam, designed for the end-end seaming of thick woven and non-woven material. The High Pile machine is designed to sew material up to 3" thick, and can be mounted on a standard motor table. Like all 70-Class Merrow machines, the 70-D3B-2_HP is highly versatile, and can be configured with an array of options to meet the sewing requirements of virtually any environment, material, or application.

The Merrow 72-D3B-2 industrial sewing machine
is designed to sew a consistent and flat butted seam on knit fabric. Specifically suited for tubular knits, the 72-D3B-2 can also be configured to sew a wide range of textiles. Like all 72-Class Merrow machines, it incorporates an extended feed system and specially designed cutters that allow the consistent movement of sewn material across the cutting surface. The 72-D3B-2 is hand assembled using high quality steel parts within the traditional Merrow cast iron frame, ensuring a perfect butted seam even after years of use.
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Merrow's 70-Y3B-2 Butted Seam w/ Stitch Multiplier For Strengthening Selvages
The Merrow 70-Y3B-2 industrial sewing machine is a butted seam machine that has a unique non-differential mechanism that doubles the stitch count during sewing. By pressing the 70-Y3B-2's manual lever, an operator can increase the number of stitches to add strength to a seam where required, particularly at fabric selvages. A single thread machine with cutters, the 70-Y3B-2 can operate on either a table or railway mounting, and can be configured with a number of options to meet the demands of virtually any environment, material, or application.
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