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Cloth Markers >>
Usage All Textiles unless of a Delicate Nature. Shape Pencil Pack Printed Display Carton containing 10 Pencils. Colours White - Red - Yellow - Blue - or an Assortment. Assortment 3 White, 2 Red, 3 Yellow, 2 Blue. Removal of Marks Light brushing. Footnote A Coloured Pencils must be used with CAUTION on Pastel Materials.
Tailor's London Wax >>
Usage Worsted and All Materials. Shape Oblong Pencil Pack Corrugated cardboard box containing 100 or 50 oblong pieces. Cardboard box containing 25 pencils. Colours White - Red - Yellow - Blue - Black - Natural - or an Assortment. Fluorescent Wax is only available in Blue or Green. Assortment 100 Pack: 36 Natural, 16 Red, 16 Yellow, 16 Blue, 16 Black. 50 Pack: 18 Natural, 8 Red, 8 Yellow, 8 Blue, 8 Black. 25 Pencil pack: 5 each of the above colours. Removal of Marks Marks will remain until removed by warm iron of Hoffman Press. Footnotes Fluorescent Wax requires an Ultra Violet Light, All Coloured Waxes must be used with CAUTION on Pastel Materials.
Collar Turners >>
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